Entire Museum Open!

Three weeks of installation and preparation for our latest architecture exhibitions have been worth the wait. Lessons From ModernismLessons From the Fick Home in the galleries and No Place Like House in the McCormick House are now open to the public, with several tours and events happening over the next few months to further engage the diverse ideas currently presented in our institution. In the meantime, you can enjoy views of the exhibitions in the photos below, or, better yet, you can come experience them in person here!

The dark walls and emphatic lighting surrounding each model and its accompanying wall graphic have completely transformed our main galleries. Lessons From Modernism: Design Strategies in Architecture, 1925-1970 is up, and looking good. The exhibition's original curators Steven Hillyer and Kevin Bone came from Cooper Union in New York to give tours and educate EAM members and staff.

Come take a view of the landscape outside the original location of the McCormick House and fictional family photos in the sitting room of Lessons From the Fick Home. It's satisfying to see this SAIC graduate student exhibition come fully to fruition since visiting their studio early in the summer. They and Santa Lucia worked very hard in uniquely creating everything, from drawing theories and mythologies to objects and mathematic specifications.

Santa Lucia's intervention between Miesian modernism and postmodern sensibilities in No Place Like House is not to be missed. The palette, construction and concept are bold, yet strangely and simultaneously contemplative and nuanced. Similar to Lessons From Modernism, the intervention creates a space to dwell on elements of our collective pasts that inform our present, and the future. As more exhibitions open across Chicago in anticipation of the Chicago Architecture Biennial, join us in expanding the conversation surrounding architecture in theory, in society, and in our personal lives.