Skycube Celebration

Thursday night we held the opening reception for artist David Wallace Haskins’ Skycube. The 8’x8’ sculpture, three tons of steel and glass, drew a sizeable crowd to experience the monumental sculpture, enjoy live music; and mainly to talk to the artist, who lives in Elmhurst, about his work, which, despite the long hours spent in preparation, he was still eager and excited to do.

David has been working tirelessly on Skycube, and I don’t mean that hyperbolically. Between finding the ideal site for the sculpture, going back and forth with his many partners in fabrication and logistics – and resolving some kinks along the way – he has fulfilled his longtime goals of producing the large-scale, freestanding Skycube and exhibiting his work at the Elmhurst Art Museum. And he has been duly received. David has been the subject of recent  interviews leading up to his opening at EAM; and will be holding talks at EAM in the coming months (Tuesday, September 15, 1:00 pm; Saturday, October 17, 2:00 pm; Friday, November 13, 6:00 pm) that delve deeper into the inspiration and concepts informing Skycube.

Skycube will be on view until Spring of next year, so if you missed the opening don’t worry. It can still be found on the patio outside of the McCormick House. In Spring 2016, we will be hosting David’s first solo exhibition of new, immersive installations of light and sound. Until then, you can revel in the phenomena that gracefully bring the sky down to earth.